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Start of the Street Season

Well, we just had our first rain of the 2011 winter season hit and we made damn well sure not to miss it. Not everyone’s cars were ready in time, including Nieko’s or Danny’s, but thankfully Danny was able to borrow his girlfriend, Christine’s, car to come out and slide with us. No videos this time, but rest assured we will have some that will destroy last year’s footage by a mile!




Street Warrior

“Objective for tonight: Drive less like a wuss and more like a boss.” – Me earlier that night.

Well here’s what happened when I tried to take a shallower line in order to catch up to Nieko. My ultimate goal was to kind of “tap” Nieko or get really really close, but as you can see I was too shallow, went too far on the inside and when I ran out of room so I tried holding the e-brake to slide me back out.

Which clearly did not work the way I had planned.

The video is quite funny, because I just disappear like a damn chump. Hahahaha.