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A Top Flight Birthday

Since the Arizona-based Top Flight guys couldn’t make it out to California for my 20th birthday, they made this DOPE video for me instead.

Could you ask for a cooler birthday present?

Big thanks to Raymond, Dax, Brad and of course Jared who broke his clutch in the making of this video! I love you guys!

First shots from the 7D

Two days ago, Chuck, Nieko and Brad went up to Balcony for a test and tune day. Firstly let me say that is was freezing! It must have been in the low 20s in the sun and low 10s in the shade. Seriously. I have no doubt that if it had precipitated we would have been hit by a blizzard.

But that’s irrelevant.

I brought my new 7D with me to take a few pics and take the camera on a test run. I borrowed Drew Fishbein of OMGDrift‘s 10-20mm lens for a few of the shots..

Chuck also finally finished his 1JZ swap. It saves drifting like wow.

Brad’s car is too dope!