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First shots from the 7D

Two days ago, Chuck, Nieko and Brad went up to Balcony for a test and tune day. Firstly let me say that is was freezing! It must have been in the low 20s in the sun and low 10s in the shade. Seriously. I have no doubt that if it had precipitated we would have been hit by a blizzard.

But that’s irrelevant.

I brought my new 7D with me to take a few pics and take the camera on a test run. I borrowed Drew Fishbein of OMGDrift‘s 10-20mm lens for a few of the shots..

Chuck also finally finished his 1JZ swap. It saves drifting like wow.

Brad’s car is too dope!

A weekend with Top Flight

I hitched a ride on Friday night with Bradley from the infamous Team Top Flight based out of Phoenix, Arizona, for a crazy weekend full of XDC and street drifting.

The first night we spent fixing Brad’s car so it would pass Arizona’s lenient emissions standards. Since the car failed the first time with numbers well above the criteria, we would have to do some work to help the motor run a bit leaner. We changed the spark plugs, cleaned the air filter, retarded the timing, and ran some alcohol in the gas tank. Voila! The car passed with flying colors. Amazing.