My name is Teddy Phuthanhdanh. I am 20 years-old. I’ve been obsessed with drifting and drift culture since 2003 when I attended the first D1GP USA Exhibition at Irwindale Speedway. Since then, drifting has been running through my blood and its culture and style embedded in my brain. Now 2010, and I’ve owned 6 cars since I was age 15; 4 S13s, 1 Datsun 510, and a Nissan Skyline. I’ve spent countless hours working on my cars, keeping a vision of what I really wanted in my mind.

I’m what most people in the “drift scene” (if that’s what you want to call it) would call a purist, or fanboy. I love Bride, Nardi, Takata and parts worth more than what I really need to spend, just because I saw them in Option videos. I despise V8 swaps into Japanese chassis, and find that even a nicely styled car with a V8 is atrocious. I hate Formula D for its tasteless commercializing and Nascar styled cars. Yuck.

But sadly, that’s what the USA is great for. Ruining cool things.

So I dedicate this blog to keeping US drifting close to its roots. No V8s. No Nascar. No bullshit.

With that said… enjoy your stay!

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. It’s the purists who will save drifting. When the hype falls, the purists will be there keeping drifting alive.

  2. Your manifesto is on key. I have a 91 240 and a eagle talon AWD turbo… but i have no friends =/ im looking to get started in the world of drifting, I have always wanted to learn properly… but the streets here in norcal are not the place to learn to drift (found that out the hard way) I would like to attend one of your meets (if they are private please let me know) Looking forward to speaking with you.


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