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So I finally got my wheel back, all fixed. I took the wheel to MAG MASTERS in Santa Ana who managed to fuck my wheel up more than it originally was. And they took 5 weeks to accomplish that. So after complaining and offering to not pay them a cent, I got my wheel back and took it to another place, Simple Wheel Werks, who had it finished in just 3 days and it looks good as new.

I think it’s going to rain tomorrow night so we’re going drifting again.



Here you can see the damage my fender took. Hopefully I can find a new one soon.



So I’ve got my camera almost squared away, now I’m going to start crackin on the Skyline. Hopefully it will be running soon.

Though I doubt it.

Japanese Lowrider

My car runs. It actually runs awesome, and it’s extremely quiet. Last I drove it, it had some exhaust leaks that sounded like caca and drove me nuts. Now it sounds like a Prius which is favorable because I can go street drifting this season without creating a ruckus and getting pulled over within 5 minutes of arriving at the spot.

Before we go into full on rainy season I’d really like to work on my hideaway license plates, pick up a CB radio and a handheld 5-0 scanner. Would be pretty beneficial.


It felt good to drive it again, and I already missed it even though last time I drove it was only 10 days ago. I can’t wait to find a differential for it so I can start drifting already.

Shit. My Skyline will never get done. Ever.