To Do


[] Purchase 4 door Skyline
[] Sell RB20DET
[] Purchase RB25DET
[] Motor mounts/Brackets
[] Nismo Transmission mount
[] Remove cylinder head and send to machine shop
[] New camshafts / cam gear
[] Install Power Enterprise headgasket
[] Assemble remainder of the engine
[] Drop engine into car
[] Custom driveshaft for RB25
[] Intercooler piping / Intake piping
[] Intercooler core
[] Wiring
[] Change out to S14 subframe
[] OS Giken Limited Slip Differential
[] Wheels (baller chrome deep dish)
[] More wheels (baller chrome deep dish)?
[] Ganadors
[] BN Sports Hood
[] DMAX front fenders
[] DMAX trunk wing
[] DMAX roof wing
[] Purchase BN Sports Kit
[] Purchase backup BN Sports Kit
[] Remove RB25
[] Send car into paint
[] Reinstall RB25
[] More drifting
[] Coilovers
[] RUCAs (S13/S14 Interchangeable)
[] Toe Arm (S13/S14 Interchangeable)
[] Ikeya Formula sequential shifter
[] Bee*R Rev Limiter
[] Cusco full capacity dash-escape roll cage
[] Karo floormats
[] Greddy Gauges


[] Fix engine
[] Buy differential
[] Street drifting

4 thoughts on “To Do”

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