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So I finally got my wheel back, all fixed. I took the wheel to MAG MASTERS in Santa Ana who managed to fuck my wheel up more than it originally was. And they took 5 weeks to accomplish that. So after complaining and offering to not pay them a cent, I got my wheel back and took it to another place, Simple Wheel Werks, who had it finished in just 3 days and it looks good as new.

I think it’s going to rain tomorrow night so we’re going drifting again.



Here you can see the damage my fender took. Hopefully I can find a new one soon.



So I’ve got my camera almost squared away, now I’m going to start crackin on the Skyline. Hopefully it will be running soon.

Though I doubt it.

A weekend with Top Flight

I hitched a ride on Friday night with Bradley from the infamous Team Top Flight based out of Phoenix, Arizona, for a crazy weekend full of XDC and street drifting.

The first night we spent fixing Brad’s car so it would pass Arizona’s lenient emissions standards. Since the car failed the first time with numbers well above the criteria, we would have to do some work to help the motor run a bit leaner. We changed the spark plugs, cleaned the air filter, retarded the timing, and ran some alcohol in the gas tank. Voila! The car passed with flying colors. Amazing.