The coupe is finally for sale

I’m finally selling the coupe shell after taking it completely apart this month. It needs to be out of the garage as soon as possible to make room for the new drift car. I put it up on Zilvia and Craigslist for $500 and I’ll deliver it to you for gas money.

I’ve already picked up a spare dash and some interior pieces for the new machine. They’re so hard to find, I picked them up immediately just in case I may need them in the future for God-knows-what.

8 thoughts on “The coupe is finally for sale”

  1. I can’t take the wait!!!!is the new one a IS/JZX/4Dr skyline?something of that nature?
    Well I really want a 4Dr r32,I found a bone stock one up in Vancouver BC for $5900!!!!oh yes I live in Vancouber Wash.Dam I miss Adams and SoCal altogether

  2. Alex – Yes, the new car will fly the Mulsanne colors for sure!

    Pat – I sold the Hanabis a long time ago. They’re up for sale on Zilvia right now by the new owner.

  3. Team Mulsanne FTW!!
    I love team mulsanne. I remember in Forza 2, when I painted one of your guys’ car, everyone started painting them and then that was like the biggest group ever.

  4. If you get a cressida or a chaser what ever, wou’ll kill it and put it in shame you better know how to pull it off

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