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Things around here are starting to move. The Skyline, unfortunately was of those things. This week the Skyline left my house.


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However, it hasn’t gone where you think. As a matter of fact, you will probably be pleased to learn of its whereabouts.

However, on the subject of moving, I’m sad and excited to say that my blog will permanently be moving as well. From now on, I’ll be posting on my team blog, Mulsanne. You will still see all of the same content, from street drifting to the build of the Skyline to dope car features. But we (the team) decided it would be wiser and easier to compile all of the posts from our personal blogs onto one blog… Mulsanne.

So if you care to see the future of my 4 door build, please, I encourage you to add this blog to your blogroll (if you haven’t already) and check it out now.

To get you motivated, maybe here is a quick teaser.

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Now quick, head over to Mulsanne! I’ll see you there!

>>>Mulsanne – Sexy Street Style<<<



Get the hell out of my car Part 2

Small update on swapping the S14 subframe into the R32 chassis. Today I finished taking apart the old gts-t subframe… to make my life easier, everything came apart into 4 pieces: The subframe itself, the differential, the right control arm and brake assembly, and the left control arm and brake assembly. In the past, I would remove those from the subframe first, then drop the subframe from the car. Let me reassure you that the easiest method is indeed to drop everything as one piece and take apart outside of the car. Haha.

Next on the list was to “press” in the SPL solid bushings, which I’d never done before. After reading the directions it seemed straight forward; line up the scribe marks on the bushings. Only thing I found annoying was that the scribe marks are on the opposite side from where you’re hammering, so it’s kind of a guess and check until you’ve got them straight. I used a 3lb dead blow hammer and some WD-40 to get all 4 in. It was a pain in the ass, but eventually they all lined up.


Then I decided to test fit the subframe before making it 200lbs heavier with the diff and arms… How annoying would it be to have to take it all back apart if I messed up somehow?


Thankfully, it all lined up perfect!

Next I took the rear differential cover off of my pumpkin. Since the differential I bought was an S13 diff and pumpkin, I’d have to use an S14 diff cover to get it to work with the subframe. When I cracked it open, I got my first glimpse at the beauty that is OS Giken.


One thing that annoys me is I have to convert back to 6 bolt axles now that I’m using an S13 differential. There’s another delay. Ugh.

Get the hell out of my car


Today I took on the mission of removing the subframe from the four door. I’ve been dreading this day for quite some time because I’ve had the pleasure of performing such a task not once but twice on my S13. I’m doing this not only to improve mechanical grip on the car by upgrading to the S14 subframe, but I am also doing it to completely eliminate the HICAS 4 wheel steering system this car was equipped with. The common fix to this is running a “hicas lock bar” which replaces the rear steering rack with a solid bar hence “locking” the rear steering, however, running a non-HICAS subframe such as the S14 subframe allows for more solid toe rod mounts as opposed to the dinky tie rods the car comes with. Not to mention it also removes like 100 pounds of worthless steering lines and pumps and other mumbo-jumbo that could only pose more problems when they break or leak.


Well after a few hours it was finally out. In the next few days I’ll press in my solid SPL subframe risers and install my OS Giken LSD.


I still need some Powered by MAX adjustable toe rods to finish off my list of needed parts for the rear end. They’re a bit harder to find than I thought, though.

Hello S14 subframe :)

I went and picked up an S14 rear subframe today as well as some SPL solid subframe conversion bushings from FRsport. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to figure out how to torch these stock bushings out so I can change out the whole rear end on Saturday including my new OS Giken 1.5 way LSD!


My turbo manifold nuts should arrive on Thursday through Gardena Nissan which means that I should have the motor 100% back together and in the car by the weekend. I HOPE.

RB25 Build Update #2

Over the course of the last few weeks, Mark and I have been tearing down this RB25 to replace parts and refresh stuff that needed replacing… Yesterday after finally having most of the OEM parts we needed from Nissan, we were able to go to town on the motor.

Included in this was the installing of my Power Enterprise headgasket and ARP head studs 🙂


Then we went on to install the lifters which had been given back to us in a little baggie (great) and the cams, did cam timing and engine timing with my Power Enterprise timing belt. Then went on the rest of the accessories.


I am still waiting on the correct hardware to install the manifolds, so hopefully those will go on this week.