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Spring Cleaning Pt. 2

I’m almost finished hanging all of my banners in the garage. I still need to find a place to hang my Yokomo banner, which is huge, so that may come a bit later on.

I also parked my hatch in the garage tonight. It will be here until my drift car arrives. Cool.

And here is a picture of my banners and my car living together in perfect harmony.

The coupe is finally for sale

I’m finally selling the coupe shell after taking it completely apart this month. It needs to be out of the garage as soon as possible to make room for the new drift car. I put it up on Zilvia and Craigslist for $500 and I’ll deliver it to you for gas money.

I’ve already picked up a spare dash and some interior pieces for the new machine. They’re so hard to find, I picked them up immediately just in case I may need them in the future for God-knows-what.

In the meantime

I’m still taking the coupe apart slowly. I need to clean out the garage to make space for the new drift car. Might have to move some stuff in the garage too since it’s a bit longer than an S13 (4 door). If I play my cards right and sell the coupe within the next few days, the new car could be here in just a couple of weeks!!!
In the meantime, I’ve been working on little stuff on my hatch. Today I fixed the valences. Since they’re fiberglass, they don’t exactly fit as great as the OEM ones do. Here are a few pictures. I love the simple look.