So I finally got my wheel back, all fixed. I took the wheel to MAG MASTERS in Santa Ana who managed to fuck my wheel up more than it originally was. And they took 5 weeks to accomplish that. So after complaining and offering to not pay them a cent, I got my wheel back and took it to another place, Simple Wheel Werks, who had it finished in just 3 days and it looks good as new.

I think it’s going to rain tomorrow night so we’re going drifting again.



Here you can see the damage my fender took. Hopefully I can find a new one soon.



So I’ve got my camera almost squared away, now I’m going to start crackin on the Skyline. Hopefully it will be running soon.

Though I doubt it.

4 thoughts on “FINALLY.”

  1. same fucking shit happened to me at a tire place
    they were supposed to take my tires off, but instead gouged the lips, threw a bent in there, and scratched everything. It took them 2 weeks to tell me they couldn’t fix it and 2 months to pay me for having it fixed elsewhere.

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