Things around here are starting to move. The Skyline, unfortunately was of those things. This week the Skyline left my house.


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However, it hasn’t gone where you think. As a matter of fact, you will probably be pleased to learn of its whereabouts.

However, on the subject of moving, I’m sad and excited to say that my blog will permanently be moving as well. From now on, I’ll be posting on my team blog, Mulsanne. You will still see all of the same content, from street drifting to the build of the Skyline to dope car features. But we (the team) decided it would be wiser and easier to compile all of the posts from our personal blogs onto one blog… Mulsanne.

So if you care to see the future of my 4 door build, please, I encourage you to add this blog to your blogroll (if you haven’t already) and check it out now.

To get you motivated, maybe here is a quick teaser.

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Now quick, head over to Mulsanne! I’ll see you there!

>>>Mulsanne – Sexy Street Style<<<


2 thoughts on “Moving”

  1. Dude I am so sad you sold your skyline. You had a roof wing on it right? Where did you get it from, and what car was it for? I can’t find the r32 4 door roof wing anywhere. Please help me!

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