No Limits

So last night we were blessed with a solid rain storm that started around 5-6pm… Almost as if by routine, I received a text from Nieko saying, “Bro.”

“Bro” is the universal message (only when it’s raining though) for, “Hey it’s raining, where the hell are you?”

So around 9pm I drove down and met up with the dudes for some dinner. As we ate inside, it stopped raining. Kind of worried, we had Daniel check the weather on his Smartphone. A huge wave was on it’s way to us. Sweet. So at 11 we headed out, met up with a few other drifters including professional drifter, Quoc Ly, and began the festivities.

We drifted non-stop, minus the two times we had to stop for gas, from 11pm until 4:30am! 5-6 car train tandems… It was too legit of a night. This is what it’s all about, guys.





We also have some video, just waiting for them to be uploaded!

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