DCC Tantrum

So today kids, I learned that you actually cannot make an S13 digital climate controller by only hooking up 4 wires. You indeed need to complete the rest of the steps they mention in every single write up on the web. Who would have thought, right?

I left off the other day by explaining my problems with the DCC unit not shutting off after I pressed the off button, and how it only blew cold. Well, I figured all that stuff out today.

So today, I, the mad scientist, had to rip apart the dash, and replace the the parts I needed to install after all. I guess it goes without saying, “might as well do it right the first time.”

So I spent the day attempting to install the JDM parts with the dash in, because the guy on Ziptied said it was possible. I eventually realized how much of a pain-in-the-ass it was with the dash in, so I decided to rip it out furiously.

The hardest part was definitely making the JDM linkage work in the USDM chassis. I had to make my own brackets to hold it up, and it took an hour of trial and error to finally make it switch from cold to hot and back again. I installed the JDM blower speed yidda yadda dooderbob thing too.

Amazingly, the unit turns on and off now, and can blow both hot and cold air. Now all I need are LEDs to light it up because half of the lights are burnt out. I think I will take the opportunity to replace the cluster bezel bulbs as well.

This is the state I left the car in, I’m too tired to keep going. More updates soon.

5 thoughts on “DCC Tantrum”

  1. I’m going to come to your house and you’re going to install that shit for me, and I’m going to give you monies.

    I just got the harness today, I just need 3 parts and I’ll be ready for some JDM hot/cold action.

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