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Japanese Lowrider

My car runs. It actually runs awesome, and it’s extremely quiet. Last I drove it, it had some exhaust leaks that sounded like caca and drove me nuts. Now it sounds like a Prius which is favorable because I can go street drifting this season without creating a ruckus and getting pulled over within 5 minutes of arriving at the spot.

Before we go into full on rainy season I’d really like to work on my hideaway license plates, pick up a CB radio and a handheld 5-0 scanner. Would be pretty beneficial.


It felt good to drive it again, and I already missed it even though last time I drove it was only 10 days ago. I can’t wait to find a differential for it so I can start drifting already.

Shit. My Skyline will never get done. Ever.

Blow Addict

So apparently, my car is a blow addict.

Yes, it is addicted to blowing motors.

Probably because I neglected to change the oil recently… It was quite a costly mistake if you ask me. Anyway, oh well. Gotta find a new engine I guess. I ALMOST got an SR20DET front clip, but last minute decided not to.



The motor was pulled last night. Pics of the massive hole in the block and the rod sticking out later. Today I clean up the engine bay and go look at another motor. Excellent.

A weekend with Top Flight

I hitched a ride on Friday night with Bradley from the infamous Team Top Flight based out of Phoenix, Arizona, for a crazy weekend full of XDC and street drifting.

The first night we spent fixing Brad’s car so it would pass Arizona’s lenient emissions standards. Since the car failed the first time with numbers well above the criteria, we would have to do some work to help the motor run a bit leaner. We changed the spark plugs, cleaned the air filter, retarded the timing, and ran some alcohol in the gas tank. Voila! The car passed with flying colors. Amazing.