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Life of a bored drifter

Not drifting sucks. I’ve come to realize that. I feel like a total hard parker nowadays. The kinda dude who has a cool car, but only for looks. I’ll be feeling that way for a long time, considering my drift car got stopped and rejected at the border. Lame.

I spent the day cleaning the house, and washed my car too. It’s funny how every time I wash my wheels, when I’m done I think to myself, “Damn, they’re supposed to be that shiny?!”

626 meet tonight, 626Drift March Madness tomorrow, and I’m probably buying a $2000 steadycam on Sunday.

In the meantime

I’m still taking the coupe apart slowly. I need to clean out the garage to make space for the new drift car. Might have to move some stuff in the garage too since it’s a bit longer than an S13 (4 door). If I play my cards right and sell the coupe within the next few days, the new car could be here in just a couple of weeks!!!
In the meantime, I’ve been working on little stuff on my hatch. Today I fixed the valences. Since they’re fiberglass, they don’t exactly fit as great as the OEM ones do. Here are a few pictures. I love the simple look.