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Get the hell out of my car Part 2

Small update on swapping the S14 subframe into the R32 chassis. Today I finished taking apart the old gts-t subframe… to make my life easier, everything came apart into 4 pieces: The subframe itself, the differential, the right control arm and brake assembly, and the left control arm and brake assembly. In the past, I would remove those from the subframe first, then drop the subframe from the car. Let me reassure you that the easiest method is indeed to drop everything as one piece and take apart outside of the car. Haha.

Next on the list was to “press” in the SPL solid bushings, which I’d never done before. After reading the directions it seemed straight forward; line up the scribe marks on the bushings. Only thing I found annoying was that the scribe marks are on the opposite side from where you’re hammering, so it’s kind of a guess and check until you’ve got them straight. I used a 3lb dead blow hammer and some WD-40 to get all 4 in. It was a pain in the ass, but eventually they all lined up.


Then I decided to test fit the subframe before making it 200lbs heavier with the diff and arms… How annoying would it be to have to take it all back apart if I messed up somehow?


Thankfully, it all lined up perfect!

Next I took the rear differential cover off of my pumpkin. Since the differential I bought was an S13 diff and pumpkin, I’d have to use an S14 diff cover to get it to work with the subframe. When I cracked it open, I got my first glimpse at the beauty that is OS Giken.


One thing that annoys me is I have to convert back to 6 bolt axles now that I’m using an S13 differential. There’s another delay. Ugh.