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Japanese Lowrider

My car runs. It actually runs awesome, and it’s extremely quiet. Last I drove it, it had some exhaust leaks that sounded like caca and drove me nuts. Now it sounds like a Prius which is favorable because I can go street drifting this season without creating a ruckus and getting pulled over within 5 minutes of arriving at the spot.

Before we go into full on rainy season I’d really like to work on my hideaway license plates, pick up a CB radio and a handheld 5-0 scanner. Would be pretty beneficial.


It felt good to drive it again, and I already missed it even though last time I drove it was only 10 days ago. I can’t wait to find a differential for it so I can start drifting already.

Shit. My Skyline will never get done. Ever.

There’s no place like home.

It’s crazy how much people take things for granted until it’s taken away from them. This rings true on how much I took living in Los Angeles for granted. While I was in Michigan, it seemed like everyone I spoke to had a burning desire to get the hell out.

So did I.

Now that I’m finally home. I had the utmost pleasure of retrieving my car from my friend’s house where it sat for 4 months… It was extremely dirty.


But Mike C. came over with his ill Kouki aero’d S14 and we spent 4 hours clay-barring and waxing our cars. This was way overdue for both cars. Afterwards I needed to fix my hanging center piece on my valences so I headed to Home Depot, then got some gas before heading home…

Coincidentally, Brian and Ryota were filling up before heading out for some grub at Shinsengumi.


Look at this picture.

Do you know how much it means to me??? I went for 4 months without this. I missed it so bad. I took it for granted. I’m talking about it driving with friends, meeting up at gas stations late at night, going out to get food.

I’M SO HAPPY to be back. Back to my normal life. You have no idea.



Damn, it feels good to drive my shit again.

Skyline update soon.

More DMAX stuff

Today I ventured all the way out to DMAX USA. What a journey it was. All of about 3 stoplights, 4 turns, and 5 minutes worth of driving. Wow. Just talking about it is tiring me out.

I went to test fit this trunk spoiler and snap some photos for Didderson on NicoClub. For any others out there that are looking at buying one, please shoot me a message. I can get these for cheap!