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Some Motivation Please

This will do.


I haven’t even done anything recently to the R32, but for some reason I feel much closer to finishing it then when I got back from Detroit. Even if I literally haven’t touched anything. Step one is bringing the car back into my garage, step two is going to town!

Who knows if it will ever get finished

So my wheels made it to my house in one piece… hardly. I was pretty disappointed with the condition of the wheels compared to the price I paid. I wish I’d been home to receive them, I probably would have left a negative feedback to the seller. Oh well.


I guess that means no holding back then?

In other news, I went to DMAX yesterday and bought some goodies… Front fenders, a trunk wing and a roof wing. They didn’t have the hood in stock, so looks like it will have to be real BN Sports!


Since we just re-did the floors at my house, the garage is full of our furniture and so the Skyline is still at Devin’s house. I need to clean the place out before I can get the car back over here to start working on it.