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A french television show came and interviewed me about my passion for drifting and about Mulsanne. The show airs nationally on AB Moteurs (similar to Speed Channel in the States)…

Too bad I blew up my diff or something when I tried to do some drifts for them.

So random

I was driving up to Pasadena/Rosmead area Friday night in the coupe and when I turned the corner on a surface street, this happened out of nowhere. I was just driving, probably turning while going 5-10mph.
What the heck. Anybody have a spare passenger side S13 axle?

More Interior

The gutted interior era is over for me. Gutted interiors are for lames and losers. Everybody knows that a full interior is truly the way to be a boss.
I installed this headliner last night and cut out the panels for my manual seatbelts.

I also picked up a matching BRIDE Zeta II seat for my passenger side. Very cool.
As you can see, the last 3 things I’m missing in this interior is a rear speaker decklid, the rear piece to hold my headliner, and I need to cut my quarter panel plastics out for the cage.

Vote for ME!

So Fortune-Auto is having this neat contest where they’re giving away a set of coilovers to some cool drift dude. I made it into their finals, and I’d really like to win because I hate my current coilovers because I cannot lay my car on the ground!
So vote for me please, because you think I’m a swell guy and you admire my car.
This is the picture you want to vote for, near the bottom I believe.