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PBM Solid Risers

I received my Powered by MAX solid subframe risers the other day. These will allow me to raise the subframe of my car up higher into the chassis, helping my other suspension arms stay level for proper suspension geometry while keeping the “slammed” appearance. These will go great with the new strut tops I’ll be welding on.

So I have a new drift car

During all the expected downtime on my coupe, I will be taking my daily driver S13 to all the local events to keep my drifting techniques fresh. I like this car already. After drifting it today, I realized how badly mangled my coupe was and why I’ve been doing so bad lately. Time to focus on suspension setup now.

I love Greddy

I picked up some more Greddy parts. This is the Greddy Suction Kit for S13 SR20DET. I needed it mainly for its re-clocking adapter required for running an S15 turbo on an S13 SR20. What’s also nifty about this kit is that it’s meant for running a Z32 Mass Airflow Sensor, so it comes with a brand new pigtail, an air intake pipe and Trust air cleaner.

This will go nicely with the rest of my small Greddy parts collection.

Hatch update

Picked up another Nardi Classic 330mm from Jay on Ziptied. I love these steering wheels so much. This one replaced the ugly white steering wheel I had in there.
I also put springs on the car and put on my Chuki sideskirts. It looks halfway decent now.