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So sick of waiting

I’ve been away for quite some time. This was because I fell on my bike about a month and a half ago and tore the ligaments in my right arm. This meant no working on cars and no driving of an sort, which has been a complete pain in the butt. Today, I finally built up the courage to go wash my car, jump start it and get back to work….

So of the four Gram Lights I bought, only three arrived. One was indefinitely lost in the mail. Now I’m waiting to hear from the seller so we can figure out a way to get a fourth. In the meantime I tested one on the car.

Needless to say, I’m stoked.


Lux Drifting

I’m definitely building an Aristo as my next drift car and it will ALSO be my daily driver. Then I’ll have a shitty beater S13 with all Godspeed parts to go street drifting or something.


That’s my plan. But maybe I’ll finish building the Skyline first or something.