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So Much for That.

Well, turns out the motor is fine.

Headgasket is waaaaayyyyy blown. There is sludge in the radiator. I found oil in the air filter. Lots of it.
Oh I found some in the throttle body too.
And all over the engine bay.
Yeah, there’s a lot of oil. Out goes the motor. Now I need to find another one.

There She Blows.

So, I was on my way home from work tonight, it was 12:35am, and I was cruisin’ the 405N. As always, I had my cruise control set on 70mph, and I was bumping some music while staying on the right lane (I always cruise slow). I have an aftermarket subwoofer in my car, so the music was pretty loud, and suddenly I heard a knock over the sound of the music. You guessed it.

Well the car started to spew smoke from the sides and front of the hood, and when I went for the gas pedal, I noticed the pedal was on the floor. I check the speedo, and I was only going 55mph. The car stalled, so I threw it in 4th and popped the clutch. It came back to life. Naturally, I pulled off the freeway, where the car stalled again, but no matter how many times I popped that clutch, the damned car would not start back up.
Time to start looking for another motor. Sweet.

Better Sound.

Not much to mention about yesterday. It rained, so I was limited on what I could do, considering my so called “drift car” is fail.

So I changed out the stock speakers for some Sony 3-ways in the hatch… Better than stock..

Lucy, I’m home.

I bought a new car… I really needed a daily driver, since I got my car smashed by Nieko’s at the track a few weeks ago. 

This car is simply amazing. It’s a 1989 240SX SE, with every factory option available. I bought it from the original owner! He told me he bought it new from the dealership in November of 1989. Wow. I took it for a test drive, and decided this would be the one. It purrs like a kitten.
Onto some pics.
So now the rebuild on the coupe begins, starting today! I need to straighten out my front end, and get new fenders, hood, and a full kit. Probably some headlights while I’m at it too.