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Fixing the damage.

We used my tree to pull out the damage on the lower radiator support. Using a 30 year-old ratchet strap, an S13 seat belt, and a ComeAlong, we slowly pulled the support forward. The whole time, Devin, Charlie and I thought the seat belt would snap and come hit us in the jewels.

Afterwards, we needed to fix the tension rod bracket issue. It no longer bolted up because the nuts welded inside of the frame rails broke upon impact. So we cut open the frame, and welded in 2 bolts so we could once again bolt up the tension rod bracket.

Dave the Electrical Guy

Dave came to my house yesterday, and while I was putting my engine components back together, he worked on my wiring. He reduced all of the wiring in the cabin and trunk of the car to a mere 10 wires. Now I only have wires supplying power to my brake lights, turn signals, and fuel pump. Awesome!

Then I ran it through the cabin in a way that it can’t be seen. The visible wires are power for my cigarette lighter and ashtray light. Those will be under the seat.

A Change of Plans

Well, I went to Charlie 321’s house and cut a front end off of Jackson’s car. We threw the clip into my mom’s truck and brought it home, with intentions to cut it up and weld a new upper and lower radiator support to the front of mine. Devin and I started to drill out the thousands of stupid spot welds holding the radiator support to the frame and the rest of the clip.

So… that got old really, really quick. I took another look at my car, called Devin and said, “You know what? Screw it, I’m tying the damn car to telephone and we’re pulling it out with a ratchet strap.” It’s way too much work to replace this radiator support when the damage isn’t that bad. If worse comes to worse, I’ll buy all fiberglass front end parts and we can make them fit if they don’t.

AZNDOC = Officially a Horn Dog

Well, the weather is gloomy and it’s raining here in Southern California. It is about that time of year. I don’t feel like going outside because it’s too cold, and it’s not like I have a car to work on
outside anyway. So I decided to change up my horn button. I’ve had the same one for about a
year… Boring.
So I spent about half an hour trying to figure out how to take apart this Hello Kitty horn, and when I finally did, I learned that the image could not be changed because it is on a metal plate. Whoo. 
Good thing I had another horn button I could take apart.. I was pretty sure this one would work (it did). After about another hour or so of work, I finally got my finished product.