Get the hell out of my car


Today I took on the mission of removing the subframe from the four door. I’ve been dreading this day for quite some time because I’ve had the pleasure of performing such a task not once but twice on my S13. I’m doing this not only to improve mechanical grip on the car by upgrading to the S14 subframe, but I am also doing it to completely eliminate the HICAS 4 wheel steering system this car was equipped with. The common fix to this is running a “hicas lock bar” which replaces the rear steering rack with a solid bar hence “locking” the rear steering, however, running a non-HICAS subframe such as the S14 subframe allows for more solid toe rod mounts as opposed to the dinky tie rods the car comes with. Not to mention it also removes like 100 pounds of worthless steering lines and pumps and other mumbo-jumbo that could only pose more problems when they break or leak.


Well after a few hours it was finally out. In the next few days I’ll press in my solid SPL subframe risers and install my OS Giken LSD.


I still need some Powered by MAX adjustable toe rods to finish off my list of needed parts for the rear end. They’re a bit harder to find than I thought, though.

One thought on “Get the hell out of my car”

  1. I just finished replacing my subframe aswell on my E30, it was really painful but I just finished and couldn’t be happier with the results, Keep up the good work mate, can’t wait to see your Skyline done!

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