RB25 Build Update #2

Over the course of the last few weeks, Mark and I have been tearing down this RB25 to replace parts and refresh stuff that needed replacing… Yesterday after finally having most of the OEM parts we needed from Nissan, we were able to go to town on the motor.

Included in this was the installing of my Power Enterprise headgasket and ARP head studs 🙂


Then we went on to install the lifters which had been given back to us in a little baggie (great) and the cams, did cam timing and engine timing with my Power Enterprise timing belt. Then went on the rest of the accessories.


I am still waiting on the correct hardware to install the manifolds, so hopefully those will go on this week.


4 thoughts on “RB25 Build Update #2”

    1. Right now they’re tapped with screw in -AN fittings but I don’t really like it, I got another set of valve covers that I’m going to get sent in to have the fittings welded in.

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