11 thoughts on “How about this one?”

    1. A dla Truskawowego spokoju dodam jeszcze, że to byÅ‚ prodiż starego typu (maÅ‚a wtedy byÅ‚am), bez termostatu i nigdy zakalec nie wyszedÅ‚, a fajne pulchne baby. Aha! Najlepsza mi tutaj podpowiada, że ciasto wlewaÅ‚a do zimnego, dopiero wÅ‚Ä…czaÅ‚a i ciasto siÄ™ piekÅ‚o w miarÄ™ nagrzewania siÄ™ prodiża. A potem tylko zaglÄ…danie z góry przez szybkÄ™ jak ciasto roÅ›nie :)No to! —> Anula, czekamy na brownies :))

    2. Beautiful post!! This was truly moving, thank you for sharing. I believe there is a Purpose in everything we experience. In those dark moments we learn so much – about ourselves & others. It is always amazing to me when pastors behave in this manner. Then I have to stop & remember – People will disappoint us, but God never will. Just as gold is refined by fire so are we refined by the struggles we encounter. At the end of the darkest night, there is always light.blessed be…

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