13 thoughts on “Options”

    1. Olá Chris !Estou fazendo o curso Leis Dinâmicas da prosperidade, e surgiu uma dúvida.Gosto de manusear o dinheiro, com isso apagar aquela idéia que dinheiro é sujo!Quando pago com cartão de crédito tenho uma secl;&ncedis;&atildeao que estou usando um dinheiro que não é meu, pois terei que pagar mais a frente.No meu caso, a energia vibracional em pagar em dinheiro, é muito maior quando eu pago com cartão de crédito.

    1. The bottom lights are the optional fog lights that nobody has, except for me. Reason I ask is I’m debating whether to just use this kit because I have it, or sell it and buy something else. Nobody really has this kit though which is nice.

  1. hmmmmmm…i’m really on the fence about this one, like people said up top, i really like the sides and rear but am unsure about the front

    1. I ordered the kouki version, and after 2 months they declared they could not get it, so I settled for the Chuki version. Doesn’t mean I’m going to rock the kit, though. I don’t know yet.

  2. teddy, why not buy a cheap knock off bumper for like 80$ online and then have a shop/do it yourself mold the kouki position light cut outs in?

    wouldn’t be too hard

  3. Do It. My favorite kit of all time BECAUSE of the Fog Lights. Chuki signals more so because I personally think that it complements the sleekish look that the Type-I gives.
    Big wing is a questionable though for the kit. but it may do. i know you and you’d probably rock it better than i’m imagining it.

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