S13 Missle Time

So yesterday, my S13 got demolished by an unaware driver, and here’s the story behind it.

I was working on my S13, at home. See, one of my headlight bulbs went out so I got a super cool HID kit from Sonic Motor to replace my stock headlights. I had pulled out one of the lights and installed the ballasts and wiring conversion before the street lights came on; it was starting to get dark. So I decided to call it a day… I rounded up all of my tools and parts to throw them in the car so I could continue the next day. I went to the driver side, opened the door and came back around front to grab my stuff.

Next thing I knew, an atrocious sound of scraping and cracking metal ripped through the air followed by an ear piercing shriek. The yell was my natural reflex to the unknown threatening sound that filled the quiet neighborhood atmosphere only a millisecond after the hit. As I turned around, I saw a blue Camry grinding the living hell out of my car as it wooshed by. My lifted hood shook like crazy, but my nerves shook even more. These people had just destroyed my car. As I came around the other side to see the damage, I was horrified. The door was literally ripped from the chassis by the hinges, the fender caved in, and my sideskirt was hanging on the ground.

Needless to say, I got all of their information and they will be fixing this.




7 thoughts on “S13 Missle Time”

  1. i woulda gone to jail that night!

    the only good thing is that the rims weren’t fucked. Seems like they got off the car before then

    how did they hit it? Just being stupid and swerved or backing out or something?

  2. FFuck, same thing happened to my first S14. Some 80 year old man with dementia had a front end collision with my car while it was parked, a month after I did my sr swap, at least it will be getting fixed

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