Lux Drifting

I’m definitely building an Aristo as my next drift car and it will ALSO be my daily driver. Then I’ll have a shitty beater S13 with all Godspeed parts to go street drifting or something.


That’s my plan. But maybe I’ll finish building the Skyline first or something.

3 thoughts on “Lux Drifting”

  1. I like that plan. Finish R32, drift the shit out of it, sell it, buy/build GS300. Or keep the R32 if at that time you have enough money for this plan.

    1. Lol I doubt I will have money for both cars. I’m hoping to drift this R32 until it can’t drive anymore and by then the price of a GS300 will go down hopefully. At the moment it’s too expensive for me.

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