The Journey Begins

So I finally brought the Skyline home and started working on it yesterday… I tried mounting the engine in but that did not go too well. From what I read online (afterwards, of course) to mount an RB25 into an R32 you need to use the RB20 engine mount brackets and engine mounts. Clearly this RB25 still has RB25 engine mount brackets and R33 GTS-t engine mounts. So now I need to find some brackets and although I was going to use stock S13 mounts for now, I guess I may as well order the right mounts at this time.



I also picked up this Greddy front-mount intercooler core from my friend, Mike. Thanks dude!


Here is a picture of the engine. As you can see, one of the cam gears has been snapped off from a front end collision, so the cylinder head is going to have to come off and get sent into the machine shop to be checked out and then I can re-install the new cam I have for it.


I’ll need to relocate the battery to my trunk…


I worked on this car well into the night, only to find out that the mounts were not compatible. Bummer.


26 thoughts on “The Journey Begins”

  1. You shouldn’t need to relocate battery. I have rb25 in my r32 with side mount intake plenum and that exact same battery I just turned mine sideways.

    Really bad picture. I was doing an oil change

  2. I’ll take a better picture today for you, as I’m seafoaming my engine. I think it depends it on the intercooler piping too. If you can get it turn down quick enough it shouldn’t be a problem

    1. I know right? Fuck teal. I’m painting it aqua, bitch. 🙂 Teal is too dark. There is a build thread on although I may or may not remove it. I haven’t decided yet.

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  3. make that thing stupid loud and excessively obnoxious since its not a street car.

    I mean like get a noise complaint at the track for running it

    1. It will be very loud in every way I can make it. Right now the exhaust I have is a straight pipe to a Greddy canister. When I upgrade the turbo it will be open wastegate for sure and no blow off valve for some dope compressor surge!

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