21 thoughts on “WHAT?”

  1. Hey. Daily’s that look cool are the best.

    I was just saying cause i remember reading your blog “she’s going to stay stock” haha

    Good on ya though. Taking on 2 projectrs. Im doing the same too. Actually same chassis. only 2 door skyrine and coupe 240 haha

  2. stock would have meant no wheels either… if that’s what you meant by stock

    Teddy, how much for a dmax roof wing?

    1. Well I consider it as it was (and still is) to be stock. The car is untouched minus coilovers and wheels. I can’t get DMAX anymore, they closed in December.

      1. yeah i don’t really consider aero/wheels mods anyways lol but i was just saying

        and yeah fuck, i forgot they closed :\ shit

  3. man i kinda liked this car in stock body form. why dont you try the 96 type x replica? it has the 93/94 bumpers with a lip and doesnt have the 98 gear it might look really cool

    1. Well what I’m going to do with the car is still undecided. Really. All this stuff being mocked up really doesn’t mean anything at all because I might end up selling it and doing something different. Dunno yet.

    1. Well I’ll have you know that the wing actually fell off my car while I was mocking it up and proceeded to break in half.

      Man was it a good day.

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