Gassing up

So last night, the weather channel predicted rain. The CB radio predicted rain. iPhones predicted rain. So we all met up at around 1am in hopes for some precipitation. As we looked into the sky, all we could see were some patchy clouds and clear sky behind them. It wasn’t looking good. As the time rolled by 1:30am…2:00am….3:00am, people began to leave. All that was left was Brad from Tom Flight, Nieko from Hammertime, and me. As 3:30am comes about, a friend who lived 2 blocks away texted, “itsss pouring here!”, but as we look again to the sky, no clues of rain.

No more than 5 minutes later we were struck by hell. It was time to boogie. So we ran to the gas station, filled up, and headed out. Unfortunately our designated camera car had also left with the other chumps who weren’t hardcore enough (lol) so the only picture we have from the night is this here pre-game photo.


But don’t worry. Chances of rain are at 80% tonight, and the camera car is ready to go 😉 Stay tuned!

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