Blow Addict

So apparently, my car is a blow addict.

Yes, it is addicted to blowing motors.

Probably because I neglected to change the oil recently… It was quite a costly mistake if you ask me. Anyway, oh well. Gotta find a new engine I guess. I ALMOST got an SR20DET front clip, but last minute decided not to.



The motor was pulled last night. Pics of the massive hole in the block and the rod sticking out later. Today I clean up the engine bay and go look at another motor. Excellent.

3 thoughts on “Blow Addict”

  1. sucks to hear.

    this may not be related to your car but….

  2. haha coming from the dude holding up a v8 sucks sign. ouch. hope you find another ka easily. maybe you can buy the one out of matt powers car =X

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