Save Drifting Campaign 2011

Hey so I went to the Formula Drift 2010 finals on Saturday. More bullshit calls and ugly cars than anyone could ever wish for!

I decided that this event would be the perfect one to debut my new protest campaign, the Save Drifting Campaign 2011. I took plenty of pics of the cars that are thumbs down!



Save Drifting Campaign VS. Vaughn Gittin Jr.



I even had some fans of the campaign ask to get their photographs taken with the sign!



So easy, I can do it with my eyes closed.


With Brad from Team Top Flight!


And my favorite thus far, a fan taken photo of my ruckus in the grandstands after an anti-drifting, tasteless V8 swapped “drift” car came up to the grid.


Plenty more to come I’m sure as people start posting their FD pics on facebook and blogs!!!

If you support this campaign, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a comment below and show your support! If you wish to join me in this effort for FD Long Beach in April, please e-mail me!

97 thoughts on “Save Drifting Campaign 2011”

  1. Wow hilarious pix seriously, but I was gonna ask you teddy…

    Do you think you could help me put a V8 in my 240SX?

  2. I understand where Teddy is coming from. But I think If that chassis did not come with that motor. It should not be let run. Which is a rule that should be passed. And there should not be let to do a re-do. And the judges suck donkey balls.

    1. So no 2J in Kuroi’s S13? No RB in Nikolai’s S13. No RB in the Top Secret Z33. But that’s mixing in D1 in there as well. Back to FD, no COORs Titan motor in Forsberg’s 350Z. No 3 Rotor in Mad Mikes Car. Swap restriction is pretty dumb IMO. And yes, judges do suck monkey balls.

    2. disagree. it should stay as same manufacturer for a competitive level.

      if we were running something similar to D1 Street Legal thennnnn lets do same motor to chassis.

  3. uhh…you dont have a picture of miki’s car anywhere here. which is the SC430 vert.

    anyway. i got another photo for you. haha. i’m tagging you on facebook right after this. haha.

  4. I support. And 2J in a Nissan is purely retarded – yes it works, it works very well but I’m a Toyota purist and it belongs in a damn Toyota. That being said fuck V8’s.. unless it’s an all aluminum quadcam displacing less than 4.5L

  5. Ryuji Miki’s v8 CAME in that car… wtf are they supposed to do take it out? haha and i dont know if you noticed….. its slow lOL

    anywayssss i support!

  6. Shit’s rad, Teddy.

    Props for you walking around with a sign in front of the people who drive and built those cars. That takes balls.

    Stay Strong.

    1. You said it!

      It drives me nuts how many people are giving up and putting stupid V8s in their RX-7s.. ~_~
      [I generally dislike inter-manufactuer swapping as well]


  7. They should just go ahead and convert Formula D to nascar. Have everyone drifting the same tube chassis V8 car, with a different energy drink, beer, and soda vinyl scheme on each car. FAIL.

  8. I feel where you are coming from, but think you should make it an anti ls motor campaign. I think motor swaps are fine. Because if you ban the v8s swaps all together you will have guess like Gettin winning alllll the time. People are just trying to stay competitive, and Im down for same manufacturer swaps. Sorry rx guys who put in v8s.

  9. Honestly the skinny jean wearing kid that’s holding the sign is just butt hurt he cant afford a v8 swap. The driver is what makes the car, engine/power/torque 2nd. I can see where keeping makes of engine to same make of chassis. There will be a lot of issues with this rule getting passed. If anything the scion with rwd trd nascar v8 should be illegal its originally fwd for god sake.

    1. Can’t afford a V8 swap? Are you retarded? Have you seen what I’m building? Trust me if I wanted to put that garbage in my car I’d have one by now.

    2. And on top of that, the drivers who can successfully compete in Formula Drift with I4 and I6 turbo cars are hands-down better drivers than those who compete with V8s, and once again anyone at Formula Drift would have witnessed the V8 drivers hitting walls and recovering a near-accident that never could have been recovered if they had been driving a smaller displacement powered car. All they have to do is stupidly mash on the gas and voila! More instant drifting.

      I’m sorry but this V8 shit needs to go to hell.

  10. haha didn’t realize the one holding the sign was you. Anyways, drive a v8 powered s-chassis … you may change your thoughts.

    I can see all your points.. they are valid.. too many rules and it wont be fun or interesting anymore. everyone will have the same shit.

  11. I have driven one, but my thoughts go way beyond the power and torque of a V8. It isn’t a mathematical, scientific or logical opinion. It is a belief that is FROM THE HEART.

    Now, people need to understand that this campaign is not against V8s! It is against V8s in drifting.

    I love V8s where they are appropriate. Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Bonneville and El Mirage landspeed record cars… sure. But swapping one into an S13, RX7 or Skyline is flat out sacrilegious.

  12. not to mention some of the inline 6 cars are heavier stock then some stock v8 vehicles. Stop being emo and drift.

  13. Some of the comments here made me laugh. Especially the classic, ” butt hurt he cant afford a v8 swap”.

    Teddy is building a Mother-F***ing Skyline and he’s what like, 19? I think if he wanted to build a cookie cutter V8 Drift Car he could’ve done so at least twice by now.

    V8’s are the new easy way out, everyone’s like “Oh hey, I have an S13, S14, FC, FD, etc, and I’m tired of blowing intercooler couplers, Turbos, motors, and actually having to build a motor to make power. I’m just gonna get an LS1 and throw it in an act like I’m awesome.” It’s lame. There’s something cool about watching a car drift with an SR, RB, KA, 13b, JZ, 4AG or other small power plant — Maybe it’s that the driver has to actually be able to manage the powerband instead of just mashing on the gas.

    Teddy, I think you should look into making shirts that say “V8’s Suck” or something of the sort. I’d buy one and wear it to FD NJ next year.

  14. I see why everyone is butt hurt! I give him props for building a skyline at age of 19! I just don’t see them banning the engine swap rule. There are to many cars that have had way to much money invested into them. The first car comes to mind is the rwd scion. The cost to build the engien is 100k that’s not including a markup. I can see where the teams with more money have the advantages… It seems impossible for people at the bottom to work there way up now when your battling high power cars.

    Might as well just say no American cars aloud as well because drifting is suppose to be from japan.

  15. I don’t mind V8’s, I just don’t like big dollar cars, or at least not when they’re competing with “normal” cars. Either put a $20k cap on builds or remove sponsorship altogether, or something. I don’t want to watch a $100k RWD-converted Scion.

    If some guy wants to SBC-swap an FC in his garage for $5k, I have no problem with it, but fawk Vipers in drift events.

  16. Haha sweet!other people did pretty good with out v8’s….I’m from the NW and we had a few drivers make a strong showing at Irwindale.Nikolay and Ian(r32!!!)with rb25’s…best cars in FD I think.Rolland and Walker with SR’s and I forgot he’s name but the guy with the s2k corolla…
    fo sho!

  17. yeah…see bullshit liek this is what urns drifiting into a major sport run by pricks like gt3 and le mans 24 hrs. IT’S NOT THE SAME, STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT THAT. this campaign is stupid cause its hypocritical. japan makes v8s, europe makes v8s, not just america. so you’re gonna tell me that tanner’s v8 tc sucks? but it has a toyota engine in it, so that makes his car just as JDM as your sr20 4-banger or straight-6 2j. and swap restrictions would pretty much END drifting. it’s all about chaos and madness and fun, and what’s the fun in putting restrictions on “fun” itself? none. Drifting ISNT Nascar. Unlike just running with a bunch of money-hungry sponsors and heavy cheating rules, and boring drivers who only need to know how to keep a left turn at 200mph, in drifting you actually NEED skills; it’s a little hard to CHEAT. good luck with this shit campaign though it’s just a horrible attempt at a rain shower on a parade that really couldnt give a fuck

    1. and to clarify i definitely think that drivers with i-4s, i-6s and such are better skilled drivers since they have to know how to make their car perform without having all that power on tap. but this is about DRIFTING at the end of the day, and that’s gonna ensue nothing but excitement and chaos. take a trip to a JDM allstars or Gatebil event and you’ll see what the heck i mean. I agree as well that american drifting is nowhere onthe level it needs to be. JDM allstars > FD for sure recognize the future of drifting is in europe

  18. Fuck V8’s and the people that need them to stroke their fucking egos. Deal.

    I’ve been throwin down since 03, doing track events for 4 years all with a KA. I get so many compliments from people that are “Pro’s”, & a few Drift Alliance aces, & just cool grassroots cats in general that are my bros from Clubloose.

    I made a thread on last year on my old forum about how ugly FD cars are, glad you agree.

  19. and @boobies, tell that to the Japanese drifting legends like Kawabata and Tsuchiya. They LOVE V8s. check out Vaughn Gittin JR’s videos of when he took his rtr mustang to japan.

  20. Personally i dont mind the V8’s you guys are all bitching about FD, what you want to play with the big boys, bring the big cars, you dont bring a fucking sprint car to NASCAR?????????? yes i believe the motorswaps are cool, honestly either build a really badass KA, or SR, or even 2J what ever have you to go against these guys, sorry thats how it is, and if you hate it sooo much then don’t watch or attend. i only go to FD, cuz theres like NO drift tracks in the bay area,

  21. dude i mean good luck with what ever your trying to do but if ur trying to keep drifters away from V8’s ur SOL bro your not going to get any where man and every 1 that comments and says o there shouldnt be this this or this, watch other PRO drifting there running the same or more then us,V8’s are cherper and people can get there hands on parts easier then SR’s 2j’s or RB’s unless you got the hook up, stop hating on every thing cause you cant get into the pro seat bro, like i sed good luck for nothing cause V8’s are just getting more populer

  22. I support this in part, I love drifting , its not a motorsport like any other its art form, and I love it how its still so accessible compared to other motorsports. But its all down to personal preference isn’t it, thats what keeps it interesting, I decided a long time ago that FD was to fucking dull with big money sponsers wrapping it up and V8’s taking popularity, thats why I follow D1 so much more closely , and when people say its cheaper and easier to run a V8 nowadays, is it really ??? majority of V8’s ive worked on have been heaps of shit that love to fall to pieces. while a properly built sr or rb or jz will go on for that, the japanese build shit properly thats why practically all the D1 guys are using that shit and running higher horsepower more angle and fuck loads more style. And can people stop fucking quoting that v*’s have more torque, they are shit, a 2.0 turbo diesel 4 banger has more NM (newton metres) of torque than most N/A V8’s out their and use less so much less fuel.

    if your gonna hate the haters, get some fucking facts.

    good works teddy πŸ™‚ , im loving the single speed love aswell , they’re the best!

  23. america sucks. fd is quickly aproaching nascar status… and people here love it. YAY, more monster trucks, more v8’s, more heinous looking tc’s and cars with over 100k dollar budgets. drivers whose hearts are in rally racing and just drift cause they can. let more drifters whose dedication is %100 DRIFTING DRIVE.
    few fd drivers have good style. the ones that do rarely win. judging is spotty as hell. lets leave it the way it is and enjoy drifting american style.


  24. Keep it the same manufacturer…obviously we can’t outlaw v8’s entirely, but I have nothing against an S13 with a VH45 swap, but when you’re doing everything under the sun, it gets kinda ridiculous.

    1. oh, and they should limit it to cars that were originally RWD or AWD and converted (i.e. evo, sti)…none of this Scion Bullshit!

    1. V8s suck in drifting. Period. If you enjoy seeing V8s in drifting, you don’t belong in drifting. You belong with your redneck friends at a Nascar race. Good day, sir.

  25. If it makes it more of a spectacle then yea. Im all for it.
    Drifting is about going sideways and having fun. Not this V8 suck politics. V8’s started motorsport as an entity. im not saying 4 bangers suck. I respect them. For people who earn their own money its a bang for the buck thing. For pro’s – IDK? Torque in any gear.
    And stop making up “drifting rules”.
    400hp and 400tw for about 4 grand. Why not?
    Stop being a JDM fanboy and open up your eyes. We all love cars and drifting. Why separate instead of uniting?
    Im sorry for calling you a prick.
    Look at FD from 2005 and now. Cars are faster, they make more smoke, they hold more angle. I dont like Scion shit as much as all of you.

  26. No. AMERICAN drifting is whats only about going sideways and having fun.

    In Japan they also have something called “good style”. In case you haven’t noticed, that is a HUGE part of the spectacle aspect of drifting.

    America used to sorta kinda have that. Then it just got obliterated.

    So if you enjoy that, good for you. But the people who are true to what drifting is really about are the ones who will keep fighting for what they love.

    I know there are plenty of people out there who 100% agree with what I have to say, and with them we will save true drifting from extinction.

  27. why do you not like v8s?

    like why do they suck? what is your explanation ? did you think this through?

    whats the reasoning behind this

  28. I agree. Drifting in the US has been dumbed and rotten it out by the US consumerism culture. events are nothing but a big commercial for the companies sponsoring the cars. I dont really give a damn about what you swap on a chassis though, BUT i think this entire “sport” would be WAY more exciting if there was caps of some sort when it comes down to building the actual car. A weight to power ration cap or restriction would be the best to keep the things competitive IMHO. It is kind of sad building your track car from actual WORK money you earned, then you go and compete with these jokers (who most of them cant drift an 4age 130 hp powered ae86) who drive 130K purposed built cars sponsored by every energy drink and their grandma running 50~80K LSx built engines. Just freaking ridiculous. That is no fun anymore, I do miss the old days.

  29. This post is bullshit ! Whoooooo Awwwwwww. Merica. Driftin and v8 goes together like your Friday night and skinamax! It just makes sence ! Merica the home of the brave and free to make the right decision to add reliable tq to there driftin cars. Plus there made in the beautiful USA !! Can’t beat that you commie. Formula drift is the best that’s why our drivers win everywhere! Daigo saito is actually a US citizen in disguise to make it look like Japan took us for a year

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