Testing 1,2,3

So I went over to Devin’s house where my car is for the moment and test fitted my wheels, kit, and wings all together as a happy family. The wheels are perfect fit. Once I fix the crazy camber and toe (previous owner was running 18x11s) I should be able to run a 245 comfortably at -1º camber. Sweet.





Anyways, once I either get a job, unemployment, or some sort of income, I can start getting this motor ready. First up before anything is to buy a set of solid engine mounts and a transmission mount…

14 thoughts on “Testing 1,2,3”

  1. 245/40s or 245/35s? Try 255/35. Perfect fit height wise and just enough stretch. Good grip too, especially with the power you will be pushing.

  2. how did you get the side skirt to fit?!?!?! we were having such a big fucking problem with that last time……

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