First to the café!


My dad has always been hardcore into bikes, owning a motorcycle based business himself, distributing Beringer Brakes and Ermax aero parts for race bikes. I always had some sort of appreciation for them, but now for some reason, I’d really like to build one. Café Racers have always seemed neat to me because they’re small and relatively cheap to build… it could literally be a toy to go cruise with when I need to go somewhere local that is too far for the fixie, but close enough that I don’t NEED to take my car.

Save some gas, acquire females. Sweet.

Now most people build Hondas… CB550 or CB750s. But I’d really enjoy building an authentic bike like a Triumph or Norton… And dream of building an MV Agusta or Ducati.



Bikes like the Hondas can be found cheap! You can find a running bike for maybe $750 – $1000 in good condition, and $2000 for a bike that’s already been built into a sweet, low handle-barred, low ride height café racer. Not bad, really.

Then you’ve got these that are absolutely stunning…



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