Fresh from Nike

I hit up Chicago over the weekend, and of course I was forced to check out Uprise Skate shop in Lincoln Park. Needless to say, I couldn’t leave without spending some dough. I ended up walking out the door with 3 pairs of SBs.

Funny, because I’ve never owned a pair in my life and now I’m really wondering why that is.


First pair I tried on were these SB Zoom Classic High’s in Varsity Royal Blue and Voltage Yellow. Clearly, they were also the first to get on hold for me behind the counter.


Next up, I knew I need a pair (or two) of the new series of Paul Rodriguez SBs. I ended up grabbing a pair in Red/Gray.


As well as a pair in Purple/Yellow.

EDIT: Aaaaaaaaaand I totally misspelled my own damn name on the photo watermark. Nice.

And after spending some time on eBay, I’ve found my next pair of kicks.


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