Back to the Future

Over the past year, my interest in classic cars has drastically increased. This might be because of my dad’s 56 Simca Aronde chopped-top hot rod and my constant attendance to hot rod shows. My interest blew up after attending yet another El Mirage event after having been absent for years. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with listening to late 40’s and 50’s music all the time and fantasizing about owning a gas-guzzling, slammed and rusted rat rod.

I took a big liking to the 1954 Bel Air/210 and have also been considering selling my S13 to start a 54 Chevy project. These cars are gorgeous.



Knowing me though, I’d probably end up making it look like this.


Which I wouldn’t mind.

3 thoughts on “Back to the Future”

  1. that black one is sick. I saw a beige one of those the other day with chrome triming. I would definitely like to own one if I can. Nothing like having a classy car in your garage.

    Dont know how far you’d be willing to travel but theres some here, in El Paso for sale. Theres a ’55 Bel air for $8900. Also a MINT hardtop ’54 Bel Air but he wants $25k though

  2. I need something rusted/trashed that still runs. I don’t want to hack up a fully restored car, that would be awful. I really need something that’s about to go to the scrapyard anyway… That way I really wont feel bad for cutting it up and scraping it on the ground.

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