I drink PBR bro.

So I’ve been really bored out here when I’m not working. Bored as in, literally sitting on the bare floor of my unfurnished apartment in unbearable humidity all weekend with not a real clue as what possible fun I could have here in the wonderful state of Michigan. After having spent an absolutely phenomenal weekend out in Chicago with Josh, Chob, Tomasz, Melvin and the rest of the crew, I came to realize that a lot of my friends ride fixed gear bikes. No, not to be trendy hipsters or try to block traffic on a busy street by doing skid stops, but rather for the pleasure of riding cool bicycles with friends and getting in shape.

So I bought one too. It’s an SE frame. It used to say PK Ripper on the side, but I thought it looked horribly homo-tastic so I removed the stickers from my bike and applied them to our newly acquired rental van, also known as the Kanjo racing van. Now our van is equipped with a recipe for speed.

I digress.

Here is a picture of my bike. I took it for a few miles ride on Saturday, and I’m sore from it. It needs a seat that isn’t made from butt-hurting plastic.


I wore shorts so I didn’t feel the urge to roll up one of my pant legs, bro.

One thought on “I drink PBR bro.”

  1. Sick bike!
    I agree! I hate decals, I just picked up a pk ripper for myself and I also plan on removing the decals. So it’s as easy as a sticker? I hope so, cuz most come with the gloss painted over the decal and I was dreading the thought of striping the paint for repainting. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks

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