Interior at Glance

When I got the car, the interior wasn’t looking so hot. It had no steering wheel, no seats, no shift knob, and a big hole in the center bezel from the lack of radio and din pocket along with the brackets that hold them. The shift and e-brake boots were torn and beat.


There were loose body parts and random shit inside, including some PCP that I found in the glovebox. Superb.


I started right away by installing my extra Nardi steering wheel and a friend’s shift knob in order to get the car off the trailer. Mind you, I had to do so with no seats. Harr Harr.

Then I started cleaning and vacuuming the interior. I couldn’t get it all the first round, so I’ll have to do it again. There was so much shit in there.


The rear seats are in perfect condition though. 🙂


Then I threw in my Brides and made a little center bezel hole cover until I get some radio brackets from Canada. I also installed some brand new shift and ebrake boots, with my spare Nismo knob to accompany them. I’ll have to have an upholstery shop re-do my ebrake handle, which is ripped :(.


I hope I can make some progress on it soon, but there’s a chance I might be out of town until the end of summer so this just may have to wait.

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