So I “mocked up” my intercooler today to see its approximate size relative to the radiator support and radiator. As you can see, I’ll be doing a “high mount” intercooler setup. Theoretically this setup will help reduce turbo lag with shorter piping, will be less conspicuous with the law enforcement agencies, and most importantly will be safe from any crashing my car will encounter in the future.

In other news, I finally got to installing my gauges. They’re sort of installed and sort of not. I went drifting with them and they’d pop out occasionally, but I’d say they’re pretty solid considering everything is just wedged in there. Only the boost gauge works, and only water temp and boost light up since stupid A’PEXi didn’t tell me I need a split harness to run 3 gauges into their control unit…

And here is my car as of tonight, resting peacefully in its home.

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