Towing Woes.

Yesterday, Devin and I decided to borrow our good friend, Donny from Versus Motorsport’s, car trailer so that I could tow my drift car to the track. This was necessary, considering my car has no headlights, license plate lights, or current tags (the car is still registered, though).

So on the road we go, to Compton, CA, to pick up the trailer. We arrived, and Devin hooked the trailer up to the tow hitch. I drove the truck. We got onto the 91 West freeway. After about a mile of slow driving in the 3rd lane, I feel the truck start to veer in both directions, and it almost feels as though it’s jumping. I look in my rearview mirror, and what do I see? The god damned trailer is swerving into both lanes, jumping around. SOMEBODY did not properly secure it to the hitch. The only thing connecting the trailer to the truck was the chain which was wrapped around the rear bumper.
I started to slow down and pul off the freeway, when the trailer rammed me in the ass. Hard. So I gassed it again and then let off. Then came a problem. The I-110 interchange was coming up fast. What to do? Well, I didn’t have much choice. I parked right in the middle of the freeway split, where the trailer followed, did not stop, hitting the truck, and lodging itself UNDERNEATH the truck.
Here is where we were stuck:

AAA came and saved us. 45 minutes later, we were back on the road, with a ton of traffic stuck behind us.
I would like to thank Devin’s ingenuity for making this post possible.

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