Dave the Electrical Guy

Dave came to my house yesterday, and while I was putting my engine components back together, he worked on my wiring. He reduced all of the wiring in the cabin and trunk of the car to a mere 10 wires. Now I only have wires supplying power to my brake lights, turn signals, and fuel pump. Awesome!

Then I ran it through the cabin in a way that it can’t be seen. The visible wires are power for my cigarette lighter and ashtray light. Those will be under the seat.

2 thoughts on “Dave the Electrical Guy”

  1. i thought about hiding all my wiring but i just was to tired after painting and all the work ive done! but it looks great hidden your interior is ending up really nice teddy!oh btw i saw your post in my blog… the LEDs are from a site, added you to myspace so i could send you the site i ordered them from…

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