AZNDOC = Officially a Horn Dog

Well, the weather is gloomy and it’s raining here in Southern California. It is about that time of year. I don’t feel like going outside because it’s too cold, and it’s not like I have a car to work on
outside anyway. So I decided to change up my horn button. I’ve had the same one for about a
year… Boring.
So I spent about half an hour trying to figure out how to take apart this Hello Kitty horn, and when I finally did, I learned that the image could not be changed because it is on a metal plate. Whoo. 
Good thing I had another horn button I could take apart.. I was pretty sure this one would work (it did). After about another hour or so of work, I finally got my finished product. 

6 thoughts on “AZNDOC = Officially a Horn Dog”

  1. dude i thought the guy who had his own face on zilvia was creepy but having jack there! HAHAHAHAHAhow the hell did you take apart the horn i want to do that to mine for some custom things but can’t find a way to do it without damaging them and i REALLY don’t want to keep the TYPE RS horn that came with my hub!

  2. It actually is kind of creepy. I was driving yesterday and it feels like he’s just glaring at me.I was thinking of changing it, and replacing it with Miranda Cosgrove instead. But maybe having Jack there will make me drift better because I’ll feel like I’m letting him down if I spin.

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